Logo Branded ROOTS73

Roots73 is the result of a relationship created between the iconic Canadian sportswear brand Roots and Trimark, a leader in logoed apparel. Since 1973, Roots has been Canada's leading sportswear brand known for their athletic wear, yoga wear, and more. Logo branded Roots73 clothing has a distinctive casual, athletic, and outdoor lifestyle look that appeals to all ages - men and women and with a Root 73 jacket to throw on over your clothing, you'll be head to toe in stylish apparel.

Taking their commitment to great design, superior comfort, and quality materials to the next level with this new collection, custom Roots73 clothing and apparel stand out from the rest. The corporate Roots73 clothing collection includes hats, toques, jackets, shirts, and more with the same signature style that Roots is known for but with the added benefit of being ideal backdrops for team logos, corporate branding, and custom designs.