Do Carhartts Run Big Or Small?

Carhartt is one of our favorite trending brands for its durability, comfort, quality, and style. We want to help you make sure you find the perfect Carhartt gear for your corporate gifts, and that includes knowing what sizes to order. 

So does Carhartt run small, or does it run true to size? Let’s jump right in and find out. 

Does Carhartt Run True to Size?

Typically, Carhartt apparel runs slightly large. If you prefer roomy apparel, order your usual size. But, if you’d like more of a snug fit, size down from what you normally order. 

Custom Carhartt Clothing

Custom Carhartt clothing makes a great corporate gift or durable workwear. These styles have stood the test of time, providing warmth and comfort in even the toughest working conditions. Whether you’re looking for embroidered Carhartt beanies, custom Carhartt jackets, or logo-branded company shirts, we’ve got you covered. 

Take a look at some of our favorite Carhartt clothing to get started.

Custom Carhartt Men’s Thermal Lined Duck Active Jacket

The Custom Carhartt Men's Thermal Lined Duck Active Jacket is an absolute classic! It’s perfect for industrial workwear with your company’s logo embroidered on the lapel. These custom Carhartt jackets are made to last, with super-durable ringspun cotton fabric and a thermal polyester lining.

Custom Carhartt Men's Brown Thermal Lined Duck Active Jacket

Logo-Embroidered Carhartt Watch Cap 2.0

Looking for a popular logo-branded accessory for your team or work crew? The Logo-Embroidered Carhartt Watch Cap 2.0 is a fan favorite! This soft, durable, and warm cap will look fantastic with your logo embroidered on it and will help your team stay warm in the coldest climates.

Consider including a Carhartt cap and custom Carhartt logo clothing in a gift box for your employees!



Logo-Embroidered Carhartt Heather Grey Watch Cap 2.0


Branded Carhartt Men’s Desert Workwear Pocket S/S T-Shirt

Custom T-shirts and corporate Carhartt sweatshirts are both top-notch choices for your employee appreciation gifts or industrial work uniforms--whatever the case may be. The Branded Carhartt Men's Desert Workwear Pocket S/S T-Shirt is no exception. This functional, comfortable T-shirt is great for warm weather, or for layering in the cooler months.

Custom Carhartt Men's Desert Workwear Pocket S/S T-Shirt

Corporate Carhartt Women’s Black Clarksburg Full Zip Hoodie

Interested in corporate Carhartt sweatshirts for your team? We love the Corporate Carhartt Women's Black Clarksburg Full Zip Hoodie. This comfortable, fitted hoodie is perfect for indoor or outdoor wear, with plenty of space for your branded logo!


Custom Carhartt Women's Black Clarksburg Full Zip Hoodie

Corporate Carhartt Men’s Black Gilliam Vest

You can’t go wrong with a hard-working vest! The corporate Carhartt Men's Black Gilliam Vest is made from signature, durable canvas material that wicks away sweat and is insulated for maximum warmth. There’s also plenty of room for your logo!


Corporate Carhartt Men's Black Gilliam Vest

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