Pens You Don't Want People To Walk Off With

Whether you’re journaling, taking notes during a meeting, or signing contracts, there’s something luxurious and soothing about the smooth strokes of a high-quality pen. 2023 is the perfect time to treat ourselves and find joy in the small things in life. And when you have a favorite, go-to pen, even the most mundane tasks become more enjoyable. When ordering custom pens for your business, don’t just settle for cheap giveaways; consider high-end options that will make valued gifts for employees, clients, and colleagues.

Below, we’ll share our top picks for premium pens, which Merchology can customize with your corporate logo. These are not your standard bulk pens for people to walk away with. These are writing tools that recipients will cherish.

Custom Baronfig Squire Precious Metals Stainless Steel Pen

This industrial-grade rollerball pen is made by Baronfig, a 100% employee-owned company. Its ergonomic shape and balanced weight make it a joy to write with, and the stainless steel finish adds a touch of elegance. This sleek and modern pen will be equally at home in a CEO’s briefcase or on a home journaling desk.


Baronfig Squire Precious Metals Stainless Steel Pen

Branded Baronfig Squire Pen

This more basic model offers similar features in a more lightweight pen. If you’re looking for a pen to jot down quick ideas, while still providing a smooth writing experience, this branded pen is a great choice. Available in several fun colors, these are high-end office supplies that your team members will love using for their daily note-taking.

Branded Branded Baronfig Squire Pen

Sugar Paper The Solid Felt Pen (Set of 3) 

This felt pen set is easy on the budget while still offering the beauty and function of premium pens. The pastel colors are classy and attractive, and the felt tip allows for smooth writing in bold black ink.


Sugar Paper The Solid Felt Pen (Set of 3)

Customized Cross ATX Pure Chrome Silver Ballpoint

The curved profile on this traditional custom ballpoint pen elevates any writing session, and the gorgeous silver finish adds a sense of luxury. The ends of the pen are ergonomically tapered for smooth strokes across paper. These logo-branded premium pens will become favorites for your clients and colleagues.


Customized Cross ATX Pure Chrome Silver Ballpoint

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